English Lessons in Rio de Janeiro

My lessons in a nutshell, for non-Portuguese speakers who are visiting or staying in Rio, and for Portuguese* speakers who are just looking for the key information, rather than have to troll through endless pages of broken Portuguese just to find the price 🙂

* This page is primarily aimed for visitors and those working in Rio and not for Brazilians. For much more information about my classes, please visit my other pages.

About me

My name is Jon Finlay. I’m 37 years old and have been giving English classes in Rio de Janeiro since 2006.  I’m graduated in Business Computing (with honours) from the University of Leeds, though I’m actually from Plymouth in the South West of England. My accent is best described as a neutral British accent, with only a slight regional accent from Plymouth.

Most of the time I’m in Rio, however in 2018 I returned to England twice for a couple of months, where I worked in Cheltenham as my parents had moved to Gloucester but I’m now back in Rio de Janeiro where I plan to stay for the next couple of years until I move back to England for good.

About the Classes

My classes can be as formal or informal as you like, and as you only pay for the classes you have; ideal for those not wishing to lose money for classes they miss, for visitors to Rio de Janeiro, and also for those looking for a short-term intensive course.

Classes cost R$40** per hour at my residence in Copacabana, conveniently located a few yards away from the Cardeal Arcoverde metro station. I can also teach you at your home or office where the price is R$60 which covers the extra time and transport costs to get to your place of residence.

All material is included, and I adapt the classes to suit your needs. Some students prefer informal conversation, while others prefer a more rigid teaching structure similar to a traditional course. As a business graduate myself who has had numerous interviews in English, I also do mock, or simulated interviews, where I can point out any errors and suggest alternatives.

** R$40 reais is a provisional price and is subject to change. However, for students who start at this rate there will be no price increase.


Further Information

Any questions please drop me a message using WhatsApp +55 (21) 98111-9925. I also have Apple FaceTime, though it’s normally switched off to save battery. I also give classes online, but this is quite new for me and so I haven’t yet figured out the best way of doing this nor the price, so the current price is R$60 per hour.

Please note, I don’t give free evaluation classes, because unlike other courses or some other English tutors, I don’t demand any payment in advance, you simply pay for the classes you have.  Payment can be made in reais, the Brazilian currency, or paid directly into my bank account in England if you happen to be there, or through Paypal (either in reais, dollars, or pounds).  Please note, I don’t accept foreign cash in Brazil as I’d need to change it.